Vacation Hot Spot – For Families

Marta here:

Lucia and I are talking today about taking our families on a vacation to some place that is nice, warm, affordable, and kid-friendly. I had never thought of Cabo San Lucas, especially because I went when I was in college and there wasn’t any kid-friendly activities going on then. But this is now, and I read that this place has turned into a great place for the whole family. Here’s what we learned.

A Family Trip to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas has long been a well-known destination for spring breakers, honeymooners, and party people. A place where the music and margaritas flow freely. What you might not know is that Cabo San Lucas is also a great place for children to enjoy as well.

When your grandchildren are visiting you at your Cabo San Lucas retirement home, and you need some ideas to keep you and the kids entertained during the summer, we are here to help. If you are interested in some kid-friendly fun in Cabo San Lucas, read on!

Let’s Go for a Ride!

We don’t know what it is, but children love the water. To make a day at the water a real blast, arrange a water taxi ride. There is nothing better than seeing the underwater creatures up close and personal. Cabo Expeditions offers an incredible kayak excursion in which you and your grandchild sit in a two-seat kayak with a glass bottom.

If this adventure makes you a little nervous to do with your little one, don’t be. It is actually very kid-friendly, with the child riding in the same kayak as an adult. Moreover, life jackets are required to be on at all times. Kids will love paddling the water or just riding along seeing the pelicans and colorful fishes.

Kid Camp

Due to riptides and deep undercurrents, swimming in most beaches is not recommended, especially since most don’t have lifeguards. Having said that, there are a number of other activities beside ones that have to do with water. If your grandkids are at your Cabo retirement home, and you want something for them to do all summer long, sign them up for the kids’ camp at the Playa Grande.

Cabo Dolphins

A famous place for kids to have a good time is at Cabo Dolphins. Regardless if your child is a toddler or pre-teen, your grandchild can take a ride on a dolphin (unless he or she is afraid of water) around the pool. If your grandkid isn’t too thrilled to be that up close and personal, opt for an underwater tour with Cabo Submarine. For older kids, they will enjoy Cabo Karting, racing around the 14-lap winding course.

Learning Experience

For a rainy day at your retirement home, take the grandkids and head on over to the Museo Cabo San Lucas. This natural history museum provides a wealth of information on the local inhabitants, animal life, and the famous era of piracy on Cabo San Lucas .

What’s this feeling?

Lucia here:

I’ll just say this, the topic for me and my friend Marta today…menopause. I am telling the truth when I say that menopause has me feeling like I can hit the roof, so much so that if I lived in Edmonton I’d need to call an Edmonton roofing service.

Relaxing during Menopause

Menopause is not just old women not having any more menstrual cycles. Menopause can be a real pain in the behind, literally. The symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings can take its toll on women’s physical and emotional well-being. For relief, women going through menopause are looking to natural remedies such as reflexology.

Reflexology Isn’t Just A Message

Reflexology is more than just a “foot massage.” Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medicine where pressure is applied to the feet, hands, and ears using specific fingers and technique. For example, the foot is divided into zones that correlate with certain organs in the body. Done right, reflexology can help to relieve aches, pains, and help blood to circulate better.

Massages can be given with or with massage oil/lotion, along with massage tools. Small, circular motions are made on the target area, which for first timers, might be painful because of poor circulation or unused or tense muscles. As massages increases over time, pressure should become steadier at which time, the body should be becoming more use it, if the techniques are done right. For most people, after several sessions, reflexology can be relaxing and give much pleasure.

Touch Me, Baby

As far as menopause, since every woman suffers differently, it is important to know what technique will help what pain or organ.  Reflexology charts for the hand and foot will be the tool of importance. It will help to determine how to help relieve one of the many menopause symptoms by showing which part of the foot or hand correlates to what organ.

Even though women suffering through menopause will not have the same experience, performing reflexology techniques on certain areas will most likely alleviate several symptoms all at once. For example, the pituitary gland is responsible for controlling the body’s hormones and endorphins, which affect such symptoms as hot flashes, mood swings, and sexual cravings. Also, if you are going through menopause, there needs to be attention paid to your thyroid glands and ureter.

 Reflexology and Menopause: Help Is On the Way

Women today are looking for herbs and natural ways to alleviate aches and pains. While reflexology or massages in general can be great stress relievers, women who are menopausal should also consider living a healthier lifestyle such as a proper diet, exercising regularly, and not smoking or drinking. Reflexology Treatment for Menopause can help women better understand what reflexology is and how it can help during this time known as “the change” and make it more bearable and not “the curse.”

Feel the burn

Marta here:

Lucia and I were discussing exercising (one of our constant topics) and Marta told me that she was thinking about getting an elliptical machine. That sounded like a good idea and I went online to see what was available and which were the top elliptical machines out there.

Elliptical Machines

There are several benefits to using an elliptical machine for your exercise regimen. Besides being the ideal exercise equipment for all ages and body types, it is very easy to use. Made with either a flywheel or using electric power, an elliptical machine requires that you only just step up on the low platform and start moving your legs and arms back and forth. If you choose to start your exercise program with an elliptical, the benefits include an upper and lower body workout at the same time.

That is one of the greatest benefits of an elliptical machine: everyone benefits from it. From young adults to seniors, from beginners to experts, anyone looking to get a full body workout can utilize an elliptical, due to the low impact it has on your body. This means that if you suffer with any physical ailments such as osteoporosis, arthritis, or joint conditions, you can still keep in shape, burn calories and inches off your waistline.

Over the years, more people are choosing to use an elliptical because it inflicts less pressure on their joints. Even if you are in good shape, one wrong move on a treadmill or stepping on a rock while running, can bring serious injury to your calves, ankles, and legs. An elliptical can give your body the same benefits as running or jogging without the stress that these two activities can put on your lower body. For a long time, the treadmill was the popular exercise machine to use, but that has changed.

As far as exercising, burning calories from food intake is the main reason for working out. With an elliptical, the more you increase the intensity and resistance in the stride length, the more calories you can burn. Additionally, you can program the elliptical to target certain muscle groups like the ones found in your thighs and bottom at the same time you are programming your stride length. A great benefit, the elliptical does everything for you.

Using an elliptical for 30 minutes can burn approximately 400 calories. For women that are seeking to tone their lower body, the benefit of using an elliptical is that the machine works by utilizing the lower body, thus, your lower half is getting the exercise it needs.

A Gate for Bumpy (Your Doggie)

Lucia here:

Marta and I were talking about our dogs and how they can sometimes get into places, like my bedroom, and do things that aren’t too pleasant. I told Marta that I had heard about something called an accordion gate for dogs like there is for little children. So, I’m going to share what I have learned with you.

Accordion gates are a superb way to keep your pet in a specific area in your living space. They are portable and versatile, meaning you can set them up anywhere. Even if you are a mechanical moron, you can use an accordion gate, because on most, you don’t need to do much. It is as simple as setting it up, and that’s that. Interested? Good, since we’ve got a sweet guide for our favorite accordion gates for dogs.

GMI Gate

The GMI is an expansion gate that goes on top of the stairs. What this translates for you is that if you want to keep your dog upstairs only, you can.

Unlike other accordion gates, you will need your handy Phillips screwdriver to set this baby up. The positive is that all the hardware is included, so you don’t have to spend money on any parts. You can cover a lot of space with this accordion gate. Depending on which size you purchase, this gate stretches anywhere from 36 inches to 106 inches. Try and get out now, my little furry amigo!

Four Paws Wood Expansion Dog Gate

The Four Paws Wood Expansion Dog Gate is one attractive accordion gate. Made from stylish varnished wood, unlike the previous product, this one has a top bar to prevent your pet’s precious paws from getting caught. However, this dog gate is only available in one size (24 – 60 inches wide, 32 inches high).

Letting Your Kids Exercise with a Trampoline

Marta here:

Lucia’s son asked her about getting a trampoline for their backyard. She told him she would think about it. In all fairness, it is a good way for the kids to exercise and have fun. The best part is that most, we learned, can be used indoors and outdoors. So, as usual, I didn’t really know where to start searching. A friend of mine suggested the internet. So away we went to the internet to see what we could find out.  If you have children, this info might be of interest to you.

Children Trampolines with a Safety Bar

As a mom and dad or guardian, you desire your little ones to have a fun time when they have fun with playthings. You will certainly look for playthings that will certainly not only keep them occupied, yet you want them to be safe. A trampoline is a device that is well-known for having a good time leaping and using it. On the market today, there are youngsters’ trampolines. These trampolines typically include a bar, to ensure that kids could hold on while having fun.

The Benefit of a Children Trampoline with a Bar

Trampolines are a fantastic device for young children because it can help with establishing their motor skills. These trampolines are small in dimension, and could be utilized in the living room, where you can monitor your young child continually. Even if it is snowing or drizzling outdoors, you child will certainly be kept occupied having fun on the trampoline.

The Danger of Children Trampoline with a Bar

While the noticeable benefit of having a trampoline with a bar is for safety and security of your young child having something to hold on to while they are trying to maintain their equilibrium, there are a few drawbacks too. The largest risk is your young kid hitting his or her head on the bar, specifically if they are jumping to close to it. In addition, your youngster can inadvertently strike their mouth, arm, or various other components of their body, triggering major injury.

The Best: Skywalker Trampoline 36 inches Square Bouncer

Among trampoline enthusiasts, Skywalker is popular for building premiere trampolines. This trampoline features tough, stable steel framework and legs to keep it from wobbling and toppling on the rug or grass. The cushioned bar assists kids with equilibrium and the spinner game included is an enjoyable measurement of this trampoline.