Vacation Hot Spot – For Families

Marta here:

Lucia and I are talking today about taking our families on a vacation to some place that is nice, warm, affordable, and kid-friendly. I had never thought of Cabo San Lucas, especially because I went when I was in college and there wasn’t any kid-friendly activities going on then. But this is now, and I read that this place has turned into a great place for the whole family. Here’s what we learned.

A Family Trip to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas has long been a well-known destination for spring breakers, honeymooners, and party people. A place where the music and margaritas flow freely. What you might not know is that Cabo San Lucas is also a great place for children to enjoy as well.

When your grandchildren are visiting you at your Cabo San Lucas retirement home, and you need some ideas to keep you and the kids entertained during the summer, we are here to help. If you are interested in some kid-friendly fun in Cabo San Lucas, read on!

Let’s Go for a Ride!

We don’t know what it is, but children love the water. To make a day at the water a real blast, arrange a water taxi ride. There is nothing better than seeing the underwater creatures up close and personal. Cabo Expeditions offers an incredible kayak excursion in which you and your grandchild sit in a two-seat kayak with a glass bottom.

If this adventure makes you a little nervous to do with your little one, don’t be. It is actually very kid-friendly, with the child riding in the same kayak as an adult. Moreover, life jackets are required to be on at all times. Kids will love paddling the water or just riding along seeing the pelicans and colorful fishes.

Kid Camp

Due to riptides and deep undercurrents, swimming in most beaches is not recommended, especially since most don’t have lifeguards. Having said that, there are a number of other activities beside ones that have to do with water. If your grandkids are at your Cabo retirement home, and you want something for them to do all summer long, sign them up for the kids’ camp at the Playa Grande.

Cabo Dolphins

A famous place for kids to have a good time is at Cabo Dolphins. Regardless if your child is a toddler or pre-teen, your grandchild can take a ride on a dolphin (unless he or she is afraid of water) around the pool. If your grandkid isn’t too thrilled to be that up close and personal, opt for an underwater tour with Cabo Submarine. For older kids, they will enjoy Cabo Karting, racing around the 14-lap winding course.

Learning Experience

For a rainy day at your retirement home, take the grandkids and head on over to the Museo Cabo San Lucas. This natural history museum provides a wealth of information on the local inhabitants, animal life, and the famous era of piracy on Cabo San Lucas .